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Brainstorming a clients website
Brain Storming A Client's Website

about us.

CollegePro Websites started by utilizing the skills of local college students going through courses on building websites as freelancers.  The logic was – and still is – that these students want to build the best sites because they love what they do (the geeky side of them) and because they want to impress potential future employeers (the practical side of them).

We still use students today.  And to show how well this works, some of the students have become staff members.


Our focus.

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.
Web Design

How 'deep' does your website have to go? Do you want your site to tell people who you are and what you do? Or do you need to sell on your site? How many databases do you need?

Sales Funnel

Are you more focused on increasing sales? Need to build a larger clientele base? Perhaps you need to build an automated sales funnel?


Does a picture say a 1000 words in your case or do you need to say 1000 words to get your message across? Don't worry. We'll help you nail it.

App Development

Are your needs better met with an App instead of a website? Let's talk.


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it's all about the details

We do our homework. We study your industry to better understand your specific needs.

Our heaviest site to-date.  Full of databases and over 180,000 visitors a month.  And still blazing fast.

Click here to visit them


optimized for mobile

We adapt the sites we build to any device and always delivers a great user experience. We also optimize our sites for AMP, helping you remain on Google’s good side.


Minimalist design

They say “less is more”.  Quite often it’s true.  But when you need more…we’ll bulk up for you.



When we build your site, the source code  is structured in a way that Google understands and appreciates, thus helping your site rank. And don’t forget, we use whitehat SEO methods.


Choose your plan for a website

We understand your requirements and provide quality work.

We’ve been building websites since 1998.  First for our own businesses and we grew into building sites for others.  By starting from building sites for our own businesses, we understand your needs better than others that have never experienced the ups and downs of a business – or how fast your needs can change.


Just $450

One Time

One page site
One domain name
Includes first year hosting
SEO ready



One Time

Five page site
2 related domain names for SEO
Includes first year hosting
SEO ready

Custom Or Ecommerce


Special Quote

Let’s build something that excites your customers and your bottom line.  Call us and we’ll figure out how to blaze a new trail for your business.


We use and recommend for all of our clients’ domains and hosting services.  They have great rates, extremely reliable hosting plans and trustworthy 24/7 service.



We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

CollegePro Websites came highly recommended to us.  We aren’t ‘techies’ and don’t pretend to understand this stuff.  And frankly, one of our fears was that they didn’t understand our industry.  But we give them credit.  Boy did they do their homework.  When we sat down with them the second time, we were amazed at how much they’d learned about us and our industry.  So, yes, they built a better website for us.  And for that reason they have now built five websites for us.

Brian Doerr

Founder, Bearcat Pool Demolition,

We came across Bruce Weddel from our Facebook post looking for a knowledgeable, creative website designer. Bruce followed up with us promptly offering his knowledge and services. After our first phone conversation, we knew we had to meet with him for our project. Bruce listened to our wants and needs and offered sound advice, expertise end guidance for the website direction.

He continually followed up with us and kept the project moving throughout the process. His patience with us was very much appreciated. We would not hesitate to recommend Bruce for any website project you may have.

Liz and Andy Deir, Owners

Why Select Us?

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

In today’s world, businesses simply will not survive without a website.  When a potential customer wants to “check you out” before they do business with you – and can’t find you online – they’ll move on to someone else.


When we build your site, we want you to be completely happy with your results.  That’s why we give you five revisions before you sign off on the site.  A fully functional site that meets yours goals is our goal.


Branding.  It’s all about how standing out from the crowd and how people remember you over the competition.  If you need a logo, or need to update your logo, we’ve got the expertise at hand to make you ‘stand out’.


Databases can make the difference to your business.  Knowledge Is Power isn’t just a catchphrase anymore.  Knowing more about your customers means more sales.


A plan isn’t a plan unless there’s a deadline to it.  Over the last 12 years we have a 99% success rate in reaching the planned deadlines for our customers.


Today, more than ever in history, technology changes at a stupefying pace.  Our techies love to ‘geek out’ with all of the new Applications and ways to build sites.  By keeping up with technology, your new website isn’t ‘dated’ the same day it’s completed.

                                 Start your journey with us now.


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You’ve thought about it and thought about it and researched ideas until you’re blue in the face. Now you’re frozen with information overload.

Download our free Step-by-step guide: Use this guideline to develop your website to meet your exact needs. This
worksheet will help guide both of  us through building the top five most important Web
pages and creating a solid foundation for your business’s website

The download is free and because you don’t have to leave your email address so you know we won’t be sending you unsolicited spam emails. 

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