YOU HAVE A DILEMMA.  You want a website, and you want it to be a GREAT website. One that makes your business look and be more successful.  But....

You have a lot of questions.   ​How will a website help me make more money?  ​I can't commit a lot of money to build a site.  How do I afford it?  ​I don't know anyone that can help me with it.  Who do I get?​

We've heard all of this before.  And we can help!

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Free Themes

The "look & feel" of your site is important.  This is the image your company presents to the public - the way people will perceive your business.  Let's tell your potential customers who you are and well your business operates.

You'll always be up to date.

We'll keep your site current and updated.  If security is a concern, especially for an e-commerce site, then we can put all of the proper measures in place to make you & your customers feel safe and secure.

Don't know how to Code?

Don't worry.  You don't need to be a "techie" to update your site if you want to do it yourself.  Most of our sites are "drag and drop".

Or we'll do it for you.  Either way, you can be sure you'll get the exact website you need to grow your business.

Free Mobile

Millennial internet users spent an average of 223 minutes per day on mobile devices, a strong increase from the 188 daily minutes in 2016.

Personal desktop computers have had their day and personal laptops are on the way out.  If you aren't Smartphone and Tablet compatible, you may well be on the way out too!

Free Domain Name

Get a free custom domain name from College Pro Websites or transfer your existing domain name get a free one year extension when you build your website with us.

If you don't need a website but you still want a free year extension, go to  Protect your brand and stay remembered.

Go To BuySafeDomains

Free Email

A free custom domain-based e-mail makes you look more professional with  your customers and promotes your website and company.   Why have an email address that promotes 'gmail' or 'outlook' when you should be promoting your own business.

Show the world you mean business.

Build trust with email that matches your domain.


All web hosting plans come with site statistics. See how many people are coming to your site and which pages are looked at most often.  From that information, you will tell which products or services is of most importance to your prospective customers.


Start small and grow big.  Promote your products and add new products as you grow.

Create your own shopping cart and accept credit cards or PayPal.  The money goes directly into your account.

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