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Our Approach

The sites we build are all about You and Your Business.  It's our job to build your vision for your site.  You understand YOUR business better than we do.  Having said that, we understand ours better than you or you wouldn't be hiring someone to build your site instead of building it yourself.

We listen closely to what you want and we'll build it that way - unless we feel there's a better way.  What we mean here is...we're not afraid to give you our "2 cents worth".  If you don't like our suggestions - that's ok - we'll do it your way.  It is your site after all.  We just want you to be informed.

It's not enough to just build a site - it has to perform for your business.

Meet the Team

Why? Because people want to know who they're doing business with. It's a human thing.


Bruce Weddel

Founder & CEO

Family first, clients come close behind!


Eggie & Ernie


We have our own "Bert and Ernie"!  These two characters won't go and get their pictures taken because they prefer to hide behind their monitors.  Don't let their light-hearted fun fool you...these two guys really know what they're doing!


Kelly Mortson

Business Development

Kelly is our front line.  Jack of all trades and Master of them all, she'll help you style your site and give you the "Look & Feel" that you're after

As you can see, she's got "style".

Next Step...

Now is the time to ask questions.  Share your ideas, ask for ideas and if you're comfortable, get a quote.