Bearcat Swimponds Landscaping

This site is for a customer that we've built multiple sites for.  Swim Ponds are fairly new in North America, and our client needed a site that could be both educational and direct potential customers his way.


Our client needed a site that would not only attract people that wanted to get rid of their pools, but also showed how professional he is to potential commercial accounts that could send multiple jobs his way.  The answer here was to show everyone just how professionally their got the job done by using a step by step series of images showing a pool being removed.

A Child's Choice Daycare

This client needed to have a site that was full of primary colours and attractive to both Moms and kids alike.

She wanted the parents to be able to see up and coming programs and potential parents to understand her philosophy of looking after the children in her care.

FBG Fencing

For this client, it was all about building trust and showing different styles of fencing they build.

Now their prospective customer knows how they operate and why they are Toronto and GTA's best fencing company.

Bearcat Leaky Basements

There is a lot of competition for fixing leaky basements, so this client wanted to stand out from the rest.  The first image is both dramatic ( with water gushing into the basement) and light-hearted.  We created an impish little girl that sees fun in everything.  The client liked the idea so much he carried it through other images on the site and even on his business cards.

This site was our first really big challenge.  Databases galore, Membership enrollments, weekly newsletters, graphics for each advertiser and so much more.  This is the most robust site we've ever done

Final Touch Auto Detailing

Three things were important to this client.  He wanted a simple site that was impressive enough to get consumers aware of his business, he wanted people to book appointments online, and he needed to impress car dealers in his area to get their business to clean up the trade-ins they get to make them look good for resale.

We did this and came in under budget.

Donnelly's Family Restaurant

Donnelly's is a fabulous breakfast and lunch diner.  With hard work, a delicious menu, and a new chef that's a wizard in the kitchen, she turned this restaurant around into a thriving business.  To build the business further, she wanted to have a website that displayed her Menu so that she could build up a take out business.  The feather in her cap was to link her website to her Facebook page so she could get reviews and post her daily specials.

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