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We started building simple websites for local SME’s (Small, Medium Enterprise) north of Toronto, Canada, that needed to get online to grow their businesses. Originally, we gave university and college students the opportunity to build these sites to develop the talents they were going to school for. And to give them the chance to earn some money doing something they loved to help pay for their education.

We've Grown since then.

While we still help students earn money for their education, we have talented people all around the world that are gifted in many areas – more than just simple websites.

We’ve also grown into Domain Registration, SEO, Marketing, Hosting, and eCommerce websites.

If you need help to grow your business, we were born to help.

Our desire to help you succeed comes from our founder, K. Bruce Weddel, a lifetime entrepreneur who understands what a business needs to grow.

And that's what we keep our eye on - your growth.

You’ll notice there is not a single “BUY NOW” button on our site. There’s a reason for that. If you are an SME owner, you likely don’t know if you need hosting with 10 GB RAM or 120 GB RAM. Do you know the right specific keywords that will get you a higher ranking on Google? Do you care? YES, you do. Do you have the time to learn all of this? NO, you don’t. You wouldn’t try to measure yourself for a custom tailor-made suit…why would you ‘guess’ at your website + hosting needs. Let us help.

Send us an email. It costs you nothing to find out if we can help you grow your business and make more money.

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